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Fyre Festival has been trending and we thought we should drop our two cents on it since after all it has to do with event production.  Unfortunately, this is not a happy story of a beautiful toronto wedding or a well produced event – quite the contrary.  It seems, in our eyes, that the biggest thing here is perhaps being overly ambitious without having the right team in place to help translate that ambition into reality.  As we say throughout our site, producing events ultimately means coordinating different things with different people – all of whom have to be trustworthy, all of whom have to have experience, all of whom ideally you have worked with before or have outstanding reputation and come recommended.

If we look at the major pitfall of Fyre Festival, from a production point of view, one can quickly see that they didn’t have teams in place.  It seems that everyone was busy masterminding or the typical everyone does everything and puts out fires as they arise.  In this case, there weren’t teams nor team leaders designated for huge issues such as  Lodging, Transportation, First-Aid, Waste, etc. That plus a severe lack of manpower as seen by the construction shortfalls and having to call practically all the labour available on the island to come help.

If we bring it into our world for perspective, we function with event planners, event coordinators, management on-site, drivers, chefs, servers, bartenders – these are all team categories each with leaders and members beneath them, each equally responsable for in-house and out-sourced, rentals and the overall success of any event.  Each team with a minimum amount of people required to deliver a certain standard.  Standards which we protect as they allow for continued success and ultimately set us apart.


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