MOSO was created out of our passion for food and our desire to elevate the concept of catering and event experiences as a whole.

If you get an email for a wedding you are attending asking you whether you are going to have the chicken or beef option for a wedding 3 months away, this is because they want to order just the exact amount of everything to capitalize on the dollars you are spending. You don’t really know much about the dish, you don’t know much about the chef, venue, nor the caterer perhaps, however you must make a choice between chicken or beef. To us, this sounds more like travelling economy on a plane and less like the most memorable night of your life.

Our goal is to treat ALL our events much like a restaurant experience, providing as much choice as possible and allowing for some surprise and intrigue along the way. We promote choice and the creation of custom menus beyond a cookie cutter package. MOSO will work harder just to deliver on these accounts.

Lastly, we travel lots! We are passionate about exploring our world, seeking out new flavors, interacting with other cultures and using these experiences to innovate for you here at home in the Toronto.